Mr. & Mrs. Security

Mr. & Mrs. Security watch over the flock - 1

In the absence of liberty and justice, peace becomes a tyrannical value, and stability and security blatant forms of oppression, one that rots and deforms the minds of its victims. Yet, people remain oblivious to that until the last moment when the rot propels them to rebel. Their rebellion does not cause the rot, it merely exposes it so that it could no longer be ignored. In themselves, however, revolutions are not the cure, nor are they conducive to it on the short run. On the short run, all that revolutions can accomplish is to break the status quo, opening up the floodgates to all possibilities, the good, the petty, and the purely evil. It is the latter that tend to prevail, on the short run.

Mr. & Ms. Security watch over the flock - 2 

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