Monday, September 19, 2016


Liberty feeds on sacrifice. We cannot be free to be who we are unless we are willing to let go of who we are. Revolutions often require a literal translation of that. For revolutions are carnivorous, perhaps even omnivorous. In order to give they must take, and take, and take. Revolutions call on us to risk sacrificing the very things for which we are fighting: our comforts, our freedoms, our lives. It’s the future that reaps the rewards. Some compare revolutions to vortices, and black-holes, but that’s a short-term view. On the longer run, it’s better to think of revolutions as Noria – the ancient waterwheels that kept so many fields fertile for so many centuries, if not millennia.

Note: The main element in the Noria is the figure of the martyr with the stained white shirt found in the lower half of Delacroix’s painting. 

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