Thursday, September 22, 2016

Revolutionary Perspectives

Revolutionary Perspectives: Sacrifice, Blind Fate, Civil War, Defiance, Vengeance, Resistance

Popular revolutions tend to distill and condense the human experience, packing every passing moment with the kind of dramatic developments that usually unfold over lifetimes. Acts of palpable hate, love, betrayal, fear and sacrifice become a daily occurrence. Acts of great heroism and villainy become commonplace. Every day the human drama unfolds in all its glory, vainglory and heartache – its chapters written in the hearts, minds and souls of its protagonists. It’s through the words and actions of these figures, flawed as they may be, that the rest of humanity will get to experience the effects of what was probably deemed to be at the time of its occurrence, an isolated and containable event. For popular revolutions have played a pivotal role in our history – their impact extending across the geography of time and place penetrating deep within the fabric of our collective consciousness. 

Whether we are aware of that is of little import. It’s not conscious awareness that matters here, but the objective realities that have been changed by the revolutionary processes – the things in the fabric of our lives that have been irrevocably altered.

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